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In Today's Scenario , it’s very common for hiring managers to Google you to get to know about you more , What do you want to appear first when someone searches your name on google ? Ideally, the first result will be your professional resume website that you control and that describes you in a best way. Recruiters don’t know your name yet, but they know the skills they’re looking for to help their company. A resume website with specific, well-written and descriptive content about you will help you appear in search results for the kinds of positions you want and increase your chances of getting selected in reputed company where your online presence also matters. It helps you in stand out of the crowd. For many jobs these days, it’s important to show that you’re not a backward person. An online resume website says that you take your career hunt very seriously and that you are familiar with latest trends. Your resume website can show off your skills while showing that you’re the kind of person they might also want to have lunch with.Building your own professional resume website lets you be pro-active and create something that actually shows the person you are, not the one that people see on paper. We provide affordable pricing range for professional resume to kick start your career and also we provide user friendly dashboard to manage the resumes easily whenever you gain new skills or experiences..

Features of Personal Resume Website

  • Contact Information

  • Company Details

  • Social Links & Your Services info

  • Payment Section & Gallery / Videos

  • Web View & Mobile View

  • Share without saving number & Google Map location

  • Contact Form & Custom Domain

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