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Top 5 UI(User Interface) libraries like bootstrap that are commonly used by developers

Like bootstrap there are so many libraries are available as open source at present web development era. Generally developers use libraries which provide the good features and make websites, application responsive in all devices. On the basis of the attributes performance top five libraries are Foundation, Pure css, Semantic UI, Skeleton and Material UI.

  1. 1. Foundation

Foundation is front-end Framework develop by company Zurb. It is very advanced  and provide responsive feature to website which can be used by all types of devices. It is very easy to formulate website,email application, etc. which is highly styled. It has additional functionality to use Javascript extension and other user interface components, butttons, cards, templates, grids etc. in HTML, Javascript, CSS. Companies like amazon, hp, ebay, mozilla and so many are using foundation responsive family front-end framework.

2. Pure

Pure is designed by Yahoo!. It has CSS modules having lightweight of array which provide flexibility to user. Pure modulus clock gzipped and minified at 3.8KB*. Like other front-end framework Pure gives better customize,flat and minimal appereance to Web projects. It developed on normalize.css which gives better styling for most of User Interface components and provides styling on buttons, tables, forms, menus, etc.

3. Semantic UI

Semantic UI is front-end framework for development of website with the help of user friendly HTML. It makes the website more delightful with its responsive layout. Classes and words in semantic treated as exchangeable concepts. Developer can built whole site with the help so 50+ UI components with one stack. Semantic Elements build the website responsive.

4. Skeleton

Skeleton has list of queries foe styling site across devices. To serve scalable grid it uses media queries. They target min-width means the queries are mobile first. The preferrable method of organizing CSS and how how to built skeleton’s grid is called mobile-first queries. The styles outside of a query apply to all devices, then enhancement of large devices are targeted.

5. Material UI

Materialize is developed by Google. They developed components which are very useful like tree view, jumbotron, skeleton, corosel, rating, timeline, advance table ,etc. Material UI style can be with style components, JSS, linaria. Without paying to any cost of two CSS-in-JS runtime developer can apply any styling.

By :- Piyush Maheshwari

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